Files Zipper

Files Zipper 1.0

It zip/unzip your files to save space when you're sending files to other people
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Open and Extract your files which are zipped. This unique file compression technology allows you to save up to 15% more space when you zip files using this Software.

Main features:

- Open and Unzip/Zip all of your files instantly
- We support many formats such as .ZIP/ARJ/CAB/GZIP and many more.
- Free Technical Support if you need help using the software
- Translated into different languages

Formats we Support

- ARJ - Provided by ARJ Software
- CAB - Microsoft Windows native compressed archive format
- ZIP - Provided by WinZip
- GZIP - Stands for GNU Zip
- TAR - Tape Archive and referred to as "tarball"
- RAR - RAR is the native format of WinRAR archiver
- DMG - Apple Disk Image
- ISO - Archive File of an Optical Disc
- HFS - Hierarchical File System
- RPM - RedHat Package Manager
- and many other compression formats

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